Sweet Vodka Seven


We we're watching Saturday Night Fever the other night and we noticed everybody's drinks were pink/red. Apparently, everyone was mad about grenadine. We're not complaining we love it too! It sparked us to come up with this sweet little thang! It's a twist on a seven and seven, we call it a SWEET vodka seven! It's simple and easy to make, plus it's delish ya dig?!



Raspberry and Thyme Tom Collins

We're going all "American Hustle" on you this time. You know us and cocktails, making and of course drinking them just comes as second nature to us. We could do it in our sleep (maybe) we've never tried but challenge accepted! The annual San Antonio Current Cocktail party is coming up, and it's 70's theme! Its pretty perfect for us because we love men in white suits i.e John Travolta. So, keeping with the theme we decided to take the popular drinks of the 1970's and add a little Dossier  flavor to them. First up, the Tom Collins, which is just perfectly fine, but we needed to get more "groovy" with it. Insert the raspberry and thyme. It's a great drink with lots of great flavor, the raspberry and thyme simple syrup takes this drink to a whole other level. Not to mention it's such a pretty color. Mix some of these up, put your bell bottoms on and get your boogy shoes ready!

San Antonio Current Cocktail Giveaway

As a gift to our San Antonio readers the SA Current has so kindly given us some tickets to give away to some lucky winners! This event is a must go to. Its all 70's themed so make sure to dress up in your best bell bottoms! Plus there is going to be 15 bars with all their cocktails (for free) and 13 restaurants with some free hors d'oeuvres all for you to try. Its gonna be a blast! We went last year and had the best time. Did we mention this event is SOLD OUT!

You must do ONE of the following to enter:

-"Like" The San Antonio Current on Facebook
-Follow the San Antonio Current on Instagram (@sacurrent)
-Sign up for the SA Current newsletter (www.sacurrent.com)

Comment below to let us know what you did! 

Contest ends Friday July 18th @ 5pm. 

Enter and get your "hustle" on with us! We promise you'll have a blast! 



H.E.B Summer Beauty Favorites

Summer beauty is all about bright and bold. Starting with your face all the way down to your nails. If you're a TX girl the one place to get all those things and more is H.E.B. It's not just a grocery store, the H.E.B Beauty Department holds all your summer beauty must haves in one place. Summer's all about relaxation and sipping cocktails by the pool. You shouldn't spend a ton of time on your makeup so we've compiled a MUST HAVE  summer beauty list that will carry you through summer. No fuss, no muss!
Essie "I'm Addicted" Nail Lacquer:
If you can't make it to the beach no worries. Essie put the color of the ocean into one little bottle. Plus add white as your base coat just to make that beautiful blue really pop!
Revlon Colorburst Lip Stain in Sweetheart Valentine:
Throw out that red lipstick, at least for summer. This summer it' s all about PINK! Revlon's chubby lip stains has the perfect shades of pink and the best part, they moisturize your lips as soon as you apply. Double Duty!
Milano Baked Blush in Dolce Pink:
Milano has the best blush for summer. The colors are fantastic and they give you that extra glow and highlight for summer. Did we mention they were made in Italy just to make you feel extra special.
L'Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara:
One word MEGA! Mega thick, Mega long lashes!
Dead Sea Skin Care by H.E.B:
These products are fabulous! Dead Sea Skincare products not only feel great and smell great, but are wonderful for your skin. Just by using H.E.B Dead Sea products you can improve your complexion, and remove any unwanted factors that create dull and lifeless skin. With the Dead Sea Skin Care products you can have the benefits of the most amazing spa from the comfort of your own home.
You can get all the ingredients for a rockin' sangria and get a new Essie nail polish all in one place. H.E.B definitely has all your summer needs covered!



Dossier does Urban Taco

We were so lucky to have been invited to check out Urban Taco, which in our opinion is one of the top mexican restaurants in San Antonio. The atmosphere couldn't have been better, and the food is to die for. For starters you HAVE to try the avocado ceviche tower. It didn't last long, we couldn't get enough. We would totally recommend the quesadillas because well, their delicious. Trust us! Of course we couldn't go to a place with "taco" in the name and not order some tacos! They certainly live up to their name. The tacos were so flavorful. Great taste and great presentation. You know us, we cant go to a restaurant and not order some cocktails. Needless to say, we left there happy. The drinks we tried were spot on, strong but not to strong. Just the right amount of delicious. If your feeling dangerous definitely order the mezcal. Their margaritas were killer, in a good way, and they have a great happy hour! We give Urban Taco 5 out of 5 tacos! Get there this weekend we promise you wont regret it. Enjoy!


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